Using Tableau with Our Data

Using Tableau for your reporting needs? We can provide customisable background maps either from the cloud or from within your own intranet. Furthermore, maps can also be provided as Shapefiles so users can connect directly to "Spatial Files". Don't accept the default map backgrounds - your business data deserves the best maps to suit your business needs.


tableau background maps

For almost any country in the world, we can provide your map background as a Map Tile Server.  This open standard will bring in high quality mapping to your Tableau work. Our maps are available in a wide variety of filters such as greyscale and 'night vision'.  It is also possible to request changes to those filters to meet your specific mapping requirements.  No local installation of files required - just point Tableau to our mapengineroom



connect to spatial file

If you want to keep everything local, all our mapping is available - by simple download - as ESRI Shape, KML, GeoJSON or MapInfo TAB files.  All are Tableau compatible.  This means you can use the Connect to Spatial File menu option and then drag the geometry on to your Work sheet.

There is great flexibility and customisation available when it comes to ordering data. For example, if you just want motorways for Europe but additionally A Roads for the UK , then that request can be easily satsified.  Contact us for more information on how we can really bring Tableau alive with your business data - after all, most of it will have location.