Support for Open-Source

GIS Coordinated Limited offers both development and support for GIS Open-source platforms be it server or client - Mapserver, Geoserver, Leaflet, OpenLayers.

We have 30+ years experience of working not just with the software itself but also with the underlying operating systems such as Unix and Linux. 

This means we can support the total technology stack.



QGIS is a very powerful Opensource desktop GIS that contains a large number of even more powerful 'plugins'. 

QGIS has built-in support for XYZ Tileservers. Take a look at the Video Gallery.

Contact us for an API key to access the whole of Europe.  We will send you the instructions needed to bring powerful, customisable background mapping into your QGIS environment. 

Can't wait? Go straight to our online demo that centres around Leicester.





We have a support package available for all your PostGIS needs:

  • PostGIS Install
  • Migration from other database platforms
  • Configuring including pgRouting
  • Spatial Data Load
  • Maintenance and Tuning