Data Products

                                                                     Full Worldwide Coverage

                                                                     Full Worldwide Coverage

Our datasets are not only rich in terms of coverage, but also have excellent functionality. 

Users can choose from a wide range of filters which are customisable.  All your background mapping requirements will be met by our mapping service which is built in partnership with Each2.

All data is stored in our own Data Cloud which supports full encryption. 

Quality, security and  flexibility.

All of our data (based on  © OpenStreetMap contributors) undergoes a huge array of quality enhancements and checks using our in-house algorithms. 

Tile Map Service (raster), WMS,  Network Analyst packs, Shapefiles, MapInfo TABs (for RouteFinder) and many other formats available.

Those needing routing solutions can be assured of quality networks.

Our demo runs in a Mapserver/Leaflet/Openlayers/PostGIS/pgRouting environment deployed on Linux and is 'locked' around Leicester. Request an API Key to see whole of Europe or see it in action in the Video Gallery.


Check out the demo (click map above) - restricted to Leicester - using Leaflet. 


Note this widget in the top right of the map demo:


Hover over it and have a play!