GIS Coordinated Limited not only provides maps for Geocortex Essentials (Latitude Geographics) but also offers Geocortex development and support including Workflows.


Geocortex design/development/support

We offer a full range of services when it comes to Geocortex Essentials, HTML5Viewer and Workflows. Please contact us with your requirements.


use our data in geocortex

You can add our powerful, fully customisable background maps via our XYZ Tile Map Service or OGC WMS.  Note that if accessing the data locally rather than via the cloud is required, we can provide a  datapack that will reside on your own local server that not only contains the data but the necessary components to serve that data to Geocortex - easily maintainable!

Contact us to access mapping data for the whole of Europe to integrate with your Geocortex solution